ABC POETRY is a delightful book refreshingly different from other ABC books.  Each letter of the alphabet introduces itself in rhyme and gives a unique perspective of its place in the sound system.  ABC POETRY will entertain children and adults alike.  An illustrated glossary is included for easy reference.     
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Among the characters children will meet in ABC POETRY are......
A sneaky deft eft in the E poem,
A happy peppy puppy with poor deportment in P,
Sailor Sam and his seiner crew sailing the Seven Seas in S,
and a little Uca crab named Ukelele U in the U poem.
Artwork by Linda Walker
"I wrote ABC POETRY to entertain the adult as well as the child, making this a definite "read-to-me" (or, "with-me") book.  Most ABC books are very simple in their approach to teaching letter sounds, ie. "A is for apple, B is for baby."  It is my belief that the very best way to teach the sounds the letters make is through alliteration - the repitition of the same sound over and over again.  In the "S" poem, for instance, there are more than 120 s's!

In ABC POETRY there are subtle nuances, puns, witticisms and uncommon words to share - which is why I have included a glossary at the end"  
                                                                                                 Linda Chambers
Linda Walker has created lovely illustrations for each poem.
from S
"The shallop and the skater fish,
The sisi and the sole
Resided there below the surge
Swimming to and fro."
"Let's take a trip
on a trolley
or travel by train
to Truckee.
We'll traipse
all around
and tarry
in town
then taxi 
through traffic
to tea."
from T
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Give the gift of reading - it's a gift 
that will last a lifetime!
D  d

You knock on my door,
I say, "Enter, please."
I see you're exhausted 
From visiting C.

A confusing old codger, 
My neighbor C,
But, really quite shy
Compared to the E...

...Who appears everywhere
Telling tales with ease
And usually attaching
His E's to my D's.

So, before you depart
From my domicile,
Let me show you around
Then you'll rest for a while.

There is my duck, Mr. Drake,
Waddling over,
And his wife, Eider Drake,
Who's down in the clover.

Over there, at the drawbridge
By the dove and the drone,
Is a dinghy that's docked.
You may use when we're done.

To the left is a ditch,
Rather dusty and deep.
It's where Adder lives.
Right now he's asleep.

By the dwelling out yonder,
In the pastures so fine,
All the dromedaries, deer,
And donkeys are mine.

And the dogs which you saw
As you came round the lane
Are my little dachshund
And, of course, my Great Dane.

Out there in the garden
Is a wondrous bouquet
Of daffodils, daisies,
And dahlias each day.

Now, let's have some dinner,
Delicious sea bass,
And then some dessert
With a small demitasse...

...After which,
You'll depart from my rhyme.
Please, do come again
When you have the time.

Adieu. Goodbye!
Think about it!        
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ABC POETRY will be a welcome 
addition to any child's library.  
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