is a grand saga in the tradition of the
Great American West.
An Illustrated Glossary compliments this work
It is a ballad that tells the story of a young girl
named Tibbs who defies her father and takes a
motherless calf to raise.

With a strength that belied her age and her size
Tibbs lifted the calf tenderly.
She walked to her horse, placed the calf cross his back,
mounted and rode from the lea.
Tres Cruces is the ranch beside the Rio Grande
where Tibbs, her family, and the vaqueros
ride herd on Braford cattle. 

The cattle on Tres Cruces
are classic Braford bred:
straight backs and legs, deep chests,
and high, well-balanced heads.
From ranch life to rodeo arena the story of THE LITTLEST BULL and the girl
who loves him will touch your heart.  It is an authentic tale of triumph for all.
Artwork by Justin Wells and Jack Wells
Saturday of the first go-round thousands arrived for the show.
In fine array a grand parade announced the great rodeo.
There was music playing, fancy ladies sashaying,
and cowboys in tooled leather vests.
Satin shirts caught the light, silver saddles shone bright,
and trumpets called all to the test....
There are  45 beautifully illustrated pages
Artwork by Justin Wells and Jack Wells
Copies ordered from this website
will come to you signed by the
author, Linda Kandelin Chambers

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"A wonderful book and without a doubt
the best illustrated book I've had
the pleasure of reading."  
Gary Leffew, World Champion Bullrider
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