Told with humor and understanding for what it means to be a little boy, BE GOOD BOYS will help little guys think about good behavior and the feelings of those around them.
This is a read-to-me book for
Preschool through 2nd grade boys

Zoom in and read "Play Fair" now!

Honoel A. Ibardolaza has illustrated this book.
He is the artist who did the wonderful illustrations for
"Inside My Grandma's Pocket."
Hai understands the character of children so well. 
Each page is a delight to behold!

Softcover version      $13.99
Hardcover version       19.99
E Book                          3.99


"BE GOOD BOYS is a wonderful collection of poems sure to keep little ones interested and hopefully help direct them ever so gently to be good.”
                               J. Worthington, teacher & mother of two

28 full-color
pages plus poetry!