CHEROOT is an enchanting adventure story in poetry.  Children will travel with the little chipmunk as he goes about his day and will meet his trusted friends, Ouzel and Lug and all the other woodland creatures.  But there is danger in their beautiful forest.  Read what happens to the tiny chipmunk when he confronts the forest's most feared predator, the cougar Quechua. 
44 illustrated pages

"Not only does CHEROOT include a Glossary, but I wrote a detailed Appendix as well.  Each of the woodland animals in the story has an illustrated Appendix page that gives information about its characteristics and habitat along with an up-to-date North American range map.  This is a very special book for early readers."
                                                                                             Linda Chambers

The splendid illustrations are by
renowned wildlife artist Linda Walker

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But there is a deadly predator
lurking in the lovely forest.

"It was the cougar, Quechua,
that treaded through the bush.
He was strong and mean and hungry
as he searched the underbrush."
This is our little hero, CHEROOT

"One morning as the sun came up
over mountains cool and green
a tiny chipmunk named Cheroot
climbed from a hole, unseen."

Among CHEROOT'S many forest friends is a tiny bird
named Ouzel....

"From a bough up in a chestnut tree
Ouzel cawed, 'Hello!'
The songbird recognized Cheroot
sitting just below."
....and Lug, the mighty bear!

"On great hind legs he towered high
above the forest floor!"


There are 44 beautifully illustrated pages which include an
Appendix and a Glossary.
Artwork by Linda Walker

Copies ordered from this website will come to you signed by the author,
Linda Kandelin Chambers

As CHEROOT walks along a forest path in search of his morning meal he encounters many friends along the way, including this beaver carrying wood
to build his dam.
You may read about the beaver and see
his beautiful dam in the Appendix.
"CHEROOT is a sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat woodland story.  Your children, like my five children, will root for and cheer on Cheroot through his colorful adventure.  Simply one of the best children's books we've read!"
               Carol Broersma, NV

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