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Edie Ēga and Emma Big are best friends
who set out one day On a Journey to Mirth.

Step with them into the enchanted village of Ina Claire for a wonderful adventure as they travel to a land where “if the sun is high and the water still…” butterflies dust the air with their delight. And come to love the “yellow, happy hound” named Pixie who joins the girls by chance and at the last serves as the truest example of faithfulness and friendship.

Young readers will meet the old boatman, Emmett Hays, and sail on the maiden voyage of the beautiful Grace, a rowboat fashioned after a lovely Trumpeter swan. It is this craft that takes Edie and Emma and Pixie across the cool, calm waters of Lily Lake until suddenly a violent storm and a blackened sky dense with rain puts the travelers in frightening peril.

A daring rescue, a poet and his clever riddle, and a whimsical fairy named Flora Dora are among the events and characters who help Edie Ēga and Emma Big unravel the mystery of Mirth. 

On a Journey to Mirth is a chapter book for
young girls between the ages of 7 and 10.

Charming pen and ink illustrations
by Kim Sponaugle enhance each chapter.

"On A Journey to Mirth" is a book the young girls in your life will read again and again.  This book is full of whimsy and gaiety, from the well-drawn introduction to the engaging culmination.  I'm the mother of one daughter and the caregiver to many (as a seasoned babysitter of 43 years).  I always bring books with me to read to the children I care for and Mirth will now be among those books.  On A Journey to Mirth is good, clean, colorful fun with an expansive vocabulary!   There are too few books of this kind.  My hat is off to Linda Chambers for once more delivering the kind of book I wish had been more plentiful when my daughter began reading."        LD McRae

A Best Friend Adventure for Young Girls!
This is a delightful age-appropriate chapter book
for young girls between 7 and 10

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  ch 9
   The Storm
  ch 12 
     In the Castle Chamber
ch 2
  An Unexpected Encounter