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Sergey Taranik
Sergey Taranik
Sergey Taranik is a successful Russian illustrator of books for children as well as a fine art portrait painter. Sergey lives in southern Russia near the Black Sea. His vivid Fairy Tale characters and scenes are at once dramatic and playful!

When I made the decision to use artists from around the world to illustrate THE PANDA BANDA, I knew I wanted the artist for “The King’s Brown Sugar” to be someone who could draw in the style of the European fairy tale for it is from Europe after all that we get most of the kings in literature! 

When I saw the art of a well-know Russian artist by the name of Sergey Taranik, I was hopeful he would agree to the project. Sergey’s art rests in mythological folklore. He takes reality, mixes it with humor, the fanciful, and the unrealistic, and gives his audience beautifully colored, elaborate illustrations.  
In the Sample Illustration below, you will see two delightful pages of the six he did for “The King’s Brown Sugar.” Sergey also did equally wonderful illustrations for a second poem in the book, “Oso the Bear.” Thank you, Sergey.
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"The King's Brown Sugar", illustrated by Sergey Taranik, from the book The Panda Banda
"The King's Brown Sugar", illustrated by Sergey Taranik, from the book The Panda Banda
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