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Susan Cowan
Susan Cowan
Susan Cowan originates from Putman Valley, a little town in upstate New York. As the daughter of renown artists, Don and Betty Lambo, Susan and her siblings grew up in a vibrant and creative enviornment. Susan attended New York State University at New Paltz where she studied fine art. In the 1990's Susan relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada to work for the design firm Atlandia. Susan's creative talents were utilized in many of the design requirements for Las Vegas' newest and most elaborate resorts.
My husband returned from the dentist’s office one day bearing a gift for me ~ a lovely book about Christmas with wonderful watercolor illustrations by a lady who ironically lived just a few miles from our home. I called, we met, and Mumps was soon hopping off the pages of my manuscript onto the lily pad in the pond as envisioned by Susan Cowan. Susan and the little frog were made for each other. She had grown up on a farm on the east coast where she and her brother spent long, happy hours at their own pond exploring the world of frogs. Susan captured Mumps and his environment in lovely watercolor illustrations which were so beautiful that when it came time to add the words to the pages we designed the book so that none of her art was lost as you can see by the rendering here which shows Mumps languishing on his new Rrr (that’s frog talk for “raft”). Thank you, Susan.

She now resides in Gardnerville, Nevada and may be reached at: 775-392-0089
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From the book Mumps, illustrated by Susan Cowan
From the book Mumps, illustrated by Susan Cowan
From the book Mumps, illustrated by Susan Cowan
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