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Kim Sponaugle
Kim Sponaugle
I have had the great pleasure to work with artist Kim Sponaugle on three of my books, the latest being BABY TIME RHYMES which will debut this summer. 

​When I first saw Kim's playful, happy renderings I was hopeful she would agree to visualize a chapter book I had written for girls called ON A JOURNEY TO MIRTH. Her work in black and white was exquisite and lively. For my book, THE PANDA BANDA, Kim illustrated the poem "Sweet Marie" absolutely capturing the essence of the poem about a lovely young woman, the children she charms, and the little boy who loves her. Below you can see two of the four pages from that book.

In all the beautiful work I have seen of Kim’s, whether it be in one of my books or someone else’s, she makes me smile ~ a wonderful sense of joy hops off the page and into the viewer’s heart. Thank you, Kim.
Kim Sponaugle has illustrated more than thirty books for children and is best known for her lovable characters found in the books Randy Kazandy - Where Are Your Glasses?The Adventures of Beatrice series and Angel Eyes. Her cover illustrations were regularly seen in The Old School House MagazineEconobuster's Molly Green E-book series and Stories for Children e-zine. Kim lives in Salem County, New Jersey. Kim's lovable character expressions give her artwork warmth and charm and a touch of whimsy.
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Cover art of book On A Journey To Mirth, illustrated by Kim Sponaugle
From the book On A Journey to Mirth, illustrated by Kim Sponaugle
"Sweet Marie", illustrated by Kim Sponaugle, from the book The Panda Banda
"Baby Woo", illustrated by Kim Sponaugle, from the book Baby Time Rhymes
On A Journey To Mirth
The Panda Banda
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