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Richa Kinra
Richa Kinra
To say that Richa Kinra is multi-talented is somewhat of an understatement. She is a fine arts painter as well as an illustrator whose talent shines no matter the medium. As an illustrator, Richa works with watercolor, pencil, pastels, and digital, capturing and translating the essence of the author’s written word into wonderful pictures. 

For the poem “Hee Haw Henry” (which is one of several poems in my book THE PANDA BANDA) Richa’s interpretation is luminous and playful. As you can see below, her Illustrations cast a colorful, radiant sheen to delight the eye, perfectly blending the verse to the visual. Thank you, Richa.
Richa Kinra lives in Gurgaon, a city in India near its capital, New Dehli. Richa possesses a variety of artistic talents that includes illustration, logo design, portraiture and graphics. Her illustrations for children are vibrant and natural, taking their influence from everyday life.

Richa may be reached through email, or by visiting the website Children Book Illustrator and Publisher.
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"Hee Haw Henry", from the book The Panda Banda, illustrated by Richa Kinra
"Hee Haw Henry", from the book The Panda Banda, illustrated by Richa Kinra
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